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Connected opponents specify a requirement for the team of having one or more connected meetings. A connected meeting consists of several consecutive matches where the team only plays opponents from a given set

Connected here means that the team does not play any other match in between those matches.

The connected opponents requirement has the following properties:

  • A collection of team IDs specifying the opponents.
  • The play type (home, away).
  • The number of matches that shall be played consecutively in one connected meeting. [Cup only, in Pro this is fixed to 2]
  • A maximum duration for the difference between end of first match and start of last match in a single connected meeting. [optional, Cup only]
  • A collection of fixed time ranges [optional, Cup only]
    • Start time
    • End time

If the number of scheduled matches between the team and the opponents is higher than the number of required matches per meeting, the requirement yields multiple connected meetings. If the number of scheduled matches is not a multiple of the required number of matches in a connected meeting, then all but one of the meetings must respect the number, and only one of the meetings is allowed a lower number.

If fixed time ranges are specified, each time range shall have at least one connected meeting. If there are less connected meetings than time ranges, than each meeting must lie in a different range. If the number of connected meetings is equal or larger than the number of specified ranges, then each range must have at least one connected meeting. If each range has a connected meeting, the remaining additional connected meetings are not restricted in time.


Ensures that for each team all connected opponents requirements are respected. A connected opponents requirement specifies for a team the requirement of a number of connected meetings. In each connected meeting the team must only play teams from the connected opponent requirement. The connected meetings must obey the number of matches in a meeting. If the number of scheduled matches between the team and the connected opponents is not a multiple of the number of matches in a meeting, then only one meeting can have a lower than required number of matches. If a time range or a time frame is provided for the connected meetings, this must be respected.

Note: Unscheduled matches are ignored by this constraint

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