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In order to register teams, and showing match schedule, a register site must be made from Profixio League (PL). This register site will be part of Profixio APP site, where team leaders can manage their teams and public showing matches.

NOTE: Only organisations using APP to register teams, can create registration site!

Make a new register site

  1. Select type of orgaisation...
  2. ...and the the season
  3. Now, the button "Create registration site" is availible
  4. Select the tournament to which you shall make this reg site
  5. You must enter "Registration opens" and " ..closes". This will be the registration period limit, but it can be changed later in the APP admin site.
  6. Same as 5
  7. If you want the teams to register i several levels, enter number of levels here.
    This will show up like this, as "Category levels".
  8. If enter 1 or more levels (in 7), all levels MUST be set with names.
  9. Enter button to create this registration site. After you close this window, the list of leages will update in window HOME and you can activate this league or just click to see the registration site.
Technical speaking (just for support people)...
  • First, the "GlobalID" is fetched from database field "RankingAvdeling.ID". It was made in FX during season setup
  • Table "Turnering" is inserted with a new row, with short name made from "GlobalID"
  • "RankingAvdeling.KortNavn" is updated with tournament short name
  • The object "League" is all ready made, but lacks data. These data is now updated.
  • A new record is inserted in table "Klasse" with code from object "League.Name"
  • If several level is set, a new "LeagueLevel" is made for each level
  • Table "KlasseNiva" is inserted with each level and ID is saved to "LeagueLevel.KlasseNivaaID"

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