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There are two different type of registration sites which can be made in PL:

  • Single level registration. It is only possible to register into one level, ex "Boys19"
  • Muliti-level registration. It is possible to choose among several levels, ex "Boys19" - "North", "South"

See example here.

NOTE: Whatever type of registration chosen, the match schedule can be divided different. For example, "Boys19 - North" can be divided into "Group A" and "Group B" in the match schedule. Teams can be put in whatever match scheduling levels (independent of the level they registered into).

  1. Area showing levels possible to register into
  2. Area showing levels used in match scheduling
  3. Groups which are used in match scheduling
  4. Specific levels data; Bold row are registration levels, the other rows are match scheduling levels.

When is a registration site made?

A registration site is made from PL, menu "Home". See this article. When this site is made, it is possible to edit the registration site, from menu "Basic data", tab "League settings".

Adding new level

  1. In order to add a new level, you must enter the button "Click to add a new level for this league". Then, a new window (form) will show up.
  2. Enter name of this level. It must be different from existing levels! This name is shown everywhere.
  3. Enter default match length
  4. If this level shall show in the registering site, select "Include in register site."
    If this level shall also be used in the match schedule, select "Include in public matches".
  5. If teams shall be duplicated, select this checkbox.
    Typical scenario: Teams are first playing in level "South". Later in the season, all teams shall play a playoff. Then you must select to duplicate teams, because they shall participate in different levels. NOTE: One team (with its unique ID), can only participate in one level. When a team is duplicated, the duplicate team will have a new unique ID.
  6. Select which type of play you want for this league. NOTE: It is not necessary to choose play type if you have only selected "Include in register site."
  7. Click on button to save this new level. Now the page is reloading, showing a new level and a new row in the levels table.

Deleting a level

In order to delete a new level, you must enter the button "Delete" and remember to click "Save changes".

  • It is not possible to delete a level which is locked OR is the only level OR has matches in APP.
  • APP will be updated without more actions
  • If teams exists in level, they will be moved out of this level (but NOT deleted)
  • If matches exists in PL (but not in APP), these matches will be deleted

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