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What is the purpose of user access?

The admin section in Profixio CUP contains several modules, such as finances, check-in, match setup etc. You can control which email addresses should have access to these modules. Most used is to grant access as a tournament administrator, which means all rights.

Example: created a tournament. He got it approved and then automatically becomes the tournament administrator. Then Ola Olsen finds out that he wants to log in via his Facebook user so he doesn't have to remember all these passwords. Ola Olsen then logs in with and grants rights as tournament administrator.

How is this done?

You must therefore be logged in as a tournament administrator. Click on the "Access control" menu.

(If you are not logged in, click to and log in). Enter menu "License - Users".

  1. Click on "New" to create a new access
  2. Enter email address. The system will send out an info message to this address describing that you have gained access to the tournament. The name will be filled in if the email address is with us.
  3. Turn accesses on/off as you wish. The blue accesses are the ones that are active. The red ones are then inactive.
  4. Remember to save!

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