Using ordinary group play

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A group play includes teams divided into two or more groups. Teams often register themselves into one major level, and are divided into groups by the league administrator.

Make groups

The menu "Basic data", tab "League settings", includes a group panel. Within this panel, groups can be made, edited and deleted.

  1. Click on the button "New" to make a new group.
  2. Change group data if necessary:
    "Level": Just a sorting value to ensure the groups are shown in the order you want.
    "Name": Name of the group showing in the public match schedule (in APP)
    "Num leagues to play": As default, all play eachother once in a group. Enter "2" in this column if you want team to meet twice.
  3. Click on a group to make this active when you shallmake the schedule.



Move teams into groups

After groups are made, teams must be moved into their respective group. This is done in tab "Team registered in league"

  1. Click "Show/hide teams from all levels". This will let you choose among all teams in the whole league.
  2. Select which group each team shall belong to. Remember to save afterwards.

Making the schedule using Profixio CUP

Profixio CUP is a mathematical engine which collects a big number of existing data, and the positioning the matches in your schedule. Using Profixio CUP demands some data input from the user:

Making the schedule using round robin

If you know when the matches shall be played, you can make the matches directly without enter any data about the priority weekdays, week to play each round and so on. Just enter menu "Schedule" and open  the popup "Make round robin matches" (click button as shown in image below).

  1. Check on this checkbox if you only want to make a single round.  Default is to make double round and with home-away team switched in round two.
  2. Select matches you want to schedule
  3. Make matches by enter button "Make matches from selection". Close the popup when done.

Assign date and time to the matches

If not using Profixio CUP schedule, all match date/time must be set by manual. There are some functionality helping you to do this without spending way to much time.



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