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As default, match number is equal to match id in PL database. This can be changed on organisation level (for now only by support). Each organisation can have its own match number system.

Activate custom match number system for organisation

This must be done by system superior administrator:

Match number values SHF

This is the layout for match number used in SHF, divided like this into 5 parameters:



Parameters in bold are set by the system and can NOT be changed.

The other parameters (C,D,E,F) MUST be decided by the league owner and set in APP

A: Season -> 2023/24 becomes 23 (2 digits)

B: Organisation level -> SHF = 1, HF Mitt = 2, HF Norr = 3, HF Syd = 4, HF Väst = 5 och HF Öst = 6 (1 digit)

C: Division -> 1 digit. This is set in APP by admin, bubble 3!

D: Type of play -> 1 digit. This is set in APP by admin, bubble 1!

E: Group prefix -> Min 2 and max 3 digits. This is set in PL on each group.

F: Running number of matches with same prefix (A to E), starting with 001 (3 digits).

Note: If E = 3 digits, F is only set to 2 digits.

Parameter needed to be set by admin

Use this menu to enter data.

Parameters set in APP (3 fields)

Parameter set in PL (1 field), grid "Group"

1: Code C 2: Code D

1: Code E

Restrictions SHF

  • If a match got a custom match number, this number will never be used by another match, even if match is deleted.
  • Custom match number will ONLY be set when publishing.
  • If some data is missing (C or D), the match will just be shown with default ID.
  • Columns showing parameters will be red if some data is missing. See image below.

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