Switch two teams


Two teams can easily be switch with each other. There are several situations where this can be necessary:

  • A team is withdrawn and shall be switch with another
  • A team is placed in wrong group, and must be switched with a team in another group
  • A team is a vacant team, and a "real" team shall take the matches

NOTE: If one or both teams are used as referee, they will also switch.

NOTE: The match will belong to the group as the group of the first team.

Switch teams from group play form

This is as simple as drag-drop one team upon an another team. Then, answer "Yes" to confirm message.


Switch two teams from Schedule form

  1. Enter menu as shown
  2. Select the catery of the first team
  3. Select the first team...
  4. ...and select the second. You can choose to selct team from all categories.
  5. If "Also switch groups" are checked, the teams will change their group.
  6. Just switching time and venue for two matches




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