Make a new federation/organisation

Defining sport

  1. Check if sport exists in "grunndata_idrett". If not, add!
  2. Make this record in "grunndata_organisasjon_idrett"

Defining organisation

  1. This is first done in cupassist_com, table "grunndata_organisasjon". 
  2. TXO, run button "Update orgaisations from grunndata_organisasjon", menu "Support" - tab "Organisation". Method: MakeOrganisationFromGrunndataOrganisasjon()
  3. TXO: Organisation will be made by default values. These values must be changed in grid in tab "Organisation"

TXO coding explanation

  1. TableType and TableView will be assigned by method "AssignTableTypeToOrganisation()"
  2. Categories will be assigned tabletype and tableview if not assigned allready

Ranking tables

MakeOrganisationFromGrunndataOrganisasjon() will also update all tabletypes and tableviews.


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Import data

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