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In some kinds of leagues, special criteria are very important. In PL there are about 15 criteria which can be set in order to make a correct schedule. Examples of such criteria are

  • Reducing number of home (also away) matches following each other
  • First match must be on away venue
  • Teams must play each other in certain rounds...and so on.

NOTE: There are types of leagues which can not use "Play order": Leagues using play keys and cross pool play.

  1. Area to make new schedules.
  2. Each schedule will have a set with criteria.
  3. Each schedule will have solutions. These are shown here.

What to achieve

Using "Play order" will give you a number of solutions based on the criteria which are set. A solution is a schedule based on matches in chronological rounds. Matches include only teams and week number, and no time and venue.

Each solution will have a value telling how the criteria are fulfilled.

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