Make a league to use pool play with teams in same group


In order for a pool play with cross group matches to work, a correct play key must be chosen. If the play key do not exists, you must import it from a Excel file.

In ordinary pool play, teams play eachother in the same group. A leaguelevel can have several groups. For now: All groups must use the same play key!

Using pool play, the menu "Play order" will be hidden (there are no reason to use SPORTING PRO because the playkeys will define all matches).

NOTE: It is not possible to have a league level to both use pool play from play keys together with groups playing straight round robin! In such case, you must make a new level for the straight group(s).


Set a league to be a "pool play"-league

Enter menu "Basic data" and tab "League settings"

  1. When a "pool-play" is set, the league level will show this info
  2. Check on the "Use pool play" checkbox. This is most important!
  3. Select the correct play key!
  4. And remember to click "Save changes"

Selecting teams to participate into the pool play

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