Example of group play plus playoff

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Nordic Cup - Men U20

URL: https://www.profixio.com/app/leagueid15745

  • 6 teams divided into 2 groups, Group A and B.
  • They shall first play each other once.
  • Secondly; The shall have a playoff including all 6 teams.
League settings

Make a new league level, naming it "U20". Set this level to "Has playoff". Make two groups (naming them A and B).

Move teams into correct level and group

Use "Prepare schedule" to make the rounds

  1. First; Make the rounds
  2. Then; Set correct week numbers (do not matter if warning symbol is turning red)
  3. At last; Select play dates for each round (if you wish)

Now you can make the matches. Click on "Make schedule"!

Make the playoff

  1. First; Make the tree based on a number of teams
  2. Then; Assign who to play in each match
  3. Set match dates for the matches
  4. And at the end; Make the matches


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