Sceduling overview

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TIP: Use "Restrictions" to restrict teams, categories, venues to play only certain intervals! More info here.

  • You can schedule new matches (group and playoff) or just make a single match
  • It is possible to delete single matches, a group of matches or by a filter
  • It is absolutely recommended to move match(es) by using the graphical "visualizer". Just click on a box (a match) and move to the wantet position. You can select several matches before moving.
  • Be aware of color codes. They give a lot of information.
  • REMEMBER to save changes! A web site do NOT save changes by automatic!

Basic window function areas

  1. Button to start making matches (groups or playoff)
  2. Menu including functions to change match, publish and a lot more
  3. Visualizer where you can select match before moving, deleteing or changing teams
  4. Most important button: SAVE! You can also undo your changes which are done AFTER the last saving
  5. Are to show or hide dates in order to make the matches more visible and easier to work with
  6. Table with filter row to search matches by filtering in the top row

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