Add matches to schedule


Matches can be added to schedule whenever status of the schedule. Typical use is to add matches for a team which have been registred after the schedule has been made. Then it is more effective to add matches for the new team and not schedule the whole league from start. 

NOTE: Matches will be made from all teams registred in active leaguelevel!

Add team(s)

The new team must be registred in Profixio registration site. Then the leaguelevel must be activated. During activation, all data from registration site will be reloaded into all levels of active league.


Add match(es)

Enter button as shown - "Get matches from round robin"

A popup will show with all possible matches made form the teams which are in the league. 

  1. Check on this checkbox if you only want to make a single round.  Default is to make double round and with home-away team switched in round two.
  2. After selected, clik on this button to make the matches.
  3. Make unscheduled matches by enter button "Make matches from selection unscheduled".
    Round will be set to null and match end set to null.
  4. Some functions; "Switch Home-Away team", "Duplicate matches if exists"

Match data

The new matches will have

  • Start time set to the start date of the round and time = 09:00 (AM)
  • End time set to nothing
  • Venue set to the home venue of the home team
  • Status set to "Invalid" (because end time is nothing)

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