Ranking scale setup

Edit or change ranking scale

NOTE: Do NOT delete or edit ranking scales which have been used in tournaments! This will impact the whole ranking point system! You should make a new ranking scale for future use, see bubble 5!

How to edit or add

  1. Enter menu "Shortcuts" - "Access and settings" - Organisation settings"
  2. Click on tab "Ranking scale setup"
  3. Ranking scale is shown in the left grid, and details for the scale are shown in the right grid. Click on a scale to show details.
  4. In the detail grid, you can change values to impact the ranking scale.
  5. Remember to save your changes!
  6. Select an existing scale and make a copy of this (as an easier start) if you want to make a new scale for future use. The name of the copy will start with "-> Copy of..." so you can easy see your new ranking scale. Change this name and enter the correct values in the detail grid.


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