Set match to unscheduled


A match can be set as unscheduled from menu "Schedule". An unscheduled match will keep the match start time, but the match end time is set to nothing. The match will show up as red, and it cannot be published.

Note: An unscheduled match will be updated on public web (APP) to have no match time, without need to be published.

How to

  1. Select one or several match(es) and enter menu "Set selected match(es) unscheduled
  2. After a match is unscheduled, the end time is set to nothing and the match turn into red.



  • The match date end is set to nothing
  • The match turn into red and cannot be published
  • The match is NOT deleted in APP but the start and end time is set to nothing 
  • If referees are assigned to this match, all will be removed from match (no matter which kind of assignment)


  • Team contact persons
  • Tournament contact person
  • Referees
  • Referee responsible

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