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All functions regarding the schedule are included in the grid menu row. Note that the schedule functions are divided into two parts; The first one is more harmless, the other one must be done with 100% carefulness!

Regarding match symbols; See article Match validation

Ordinary schedule functions

See explanations below (just search for menu text).

Set selected match(es) unscheduled
  • When a match is set "unscheduled", the end time for the match is deleted.
  • The match will turn into invalid, and get the red symbol.
  • This match will not take a position in the schedule and thereby NOT restrict other matches.
  • When running CUP, all unscheduled matches are included.
  • If match exists public (that is in APP), the match will be set to unscheduled (date and time to zero).
Unscheduled match shown in APP


Lock this schedule

Locking a schedule is to avoid matches to be edited, deleted or inserted. This is typical if a schedule is sent to other persons and must not be changed. To unlock a schedule, use menu "Unlock this schedule"

  • All match changing functions in menu Schedule is disabled.
  • It is not possible to make a match schedule from menu "Play order"

Switch layout

You can select to show matches divided into rounds or just sorted by match start. This settings is stored in database on you as a user, so it will use the layout until you switch.

  1. Use function "Show/hide group by rounds " from menu as shown
  2. If using group by rounds, the matches will show up in groups
  3. If not, the matches just show up in a chronological list.
Publish responsible teams

If responsible team is missing in APP, but exists in PL, use this function. All matches in active league level is checked. No other data is changed. Each change match will show up in "log history". These matches are included:

  • All-ready published (that is got a WebID
  • Has a team responsible

Schedule functions - Be careful!

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5. Delete team without matches from table group view

If team is wrongly shown in group table, typical team without any matches in the group, these team can be delete by click on this menu. All groups in active league level will be checked and eventually fixed. None teams are deleted in PL, only removed from the team group table.




7. Restore matches from public web (that is from "app")

If a match has been changed on the public web (venue, time, team etc), it might be important to reflect this change inside PL. Before we can make some automatic sync, this is done by this function. This is what happens:

  • All matches from public web in the selected league level are downloaded into memory in PL. Each downloaded match is to be checked against matches in PL.
  • If the downloaded match is not found in PL, a new match will be made with data from the downloaded match
  • If the match is found in PL, we check if the downloaded match is changed on public web. If changed, all data from the downloaded match are used in PL match. The PL match will be made equal to the downloaded match.
  • The new matches and the changed matches is shown with a updated timestamp in column "Changed". This column is better to be moved and expanded (it will be positioned at the rigth side of the grid.)


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