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Does it cost anything to create a tournament?

Creating a tournament (and possibly creating a club/organisation's licence) is free!

BUT: If the tournament actually takes place, you will be billed for a fee described here.

What is the meaning of a license?

All tournaments must be linked to a club or an organisation. This link becomes a "license" with us.

A license contains data about who organizes a tournament. We need this for several reasons:

  • We want to prevent the creation of bogus tournaments
  • We need to know who will be billed for the tournament
  • By using the same license, you get a history of all your own events

How is a tournament created?

You must now create your tournament via your own page with us: My Profixio .

No installation of software is required as all our solutions are 100% web-based. When creating a tournament, you can copy data from tournaments you've had before. This way you save a lot of time!

Creating a tournament - step by step

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