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The one and only web address (url) you need!

Just enter: https://www.profixio.com/app

First, you must log into Profixio. This can be done in different ways. Just choose the simplest for you.

  1. Norwegian users: Idrettens ID. Use the same email and password as you use when log into "Idrettens ID"
  2. If all ready logged into Google, you will go straight into Profixio.
  3. The same with Facebook
  4. If none of the above not fits you, make a account within Profixio.
After logged in, you start Profixio TXO like this (enter "My Profixio"):

How can I get access to tournaments?

There are two different ways a person can get access to a tournament. All is about email addresses!

  • The persons email address can be set as a license owner. Then, this person have superior access to all tournaments registered on this license. A license is most often owned by a club. More info here.
  • The persons email address can be entered by menu "License" - "Users"

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