Tournament is made on web - what to do?

Primarily; Log in to "My Profixio" (

Important things you should check

  • Have you chosen to make the tournament visible? You can turn off visibility when you are in the setup phase.
  • What kind of economy modul do you want to use? Contact Profixio support to get information and possibly check that it is set up correctly.
  • Have you entered the correct account number to be shown on the invoice for registered teams?
  • Have you entered the correct deadlines for registering teams and possibly ordering services?
  • If you want to use a waiting list to prevent too many teams in a class, have you entered the maximum number of teams in each class?

Addresses (url) to the tournament

NOTE: Your tournament has only one address (url), i.e

The url contains of the first part ( and then the tournament short name after a slash (/profixio_demo_cup)

We recommend that the url opens the registration solution in a new tab (possibly a new window).

TIP: Write something like this as link text for registration: "Click here to sign up for the cup!" 

Write articles and news and present then on the tournament home page

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