Import a schedule from Excel (often made in Sporting Client)


If a schedule is be made in Sporting Client, this schedule must be imported into PL in order to show the matches public in APP OR to make a xml-file for customer. The team external ID must be set so the customers system can join to correct team. Such a schedule can only be made at organisation level and not at a specific league level.

Define organisation to use imported matches from Excel

  1. Enter "Superior organisation settings" and check on colum as shown.
  2. NOTE: Do also check "Match periode length" as this value is used to set match end time.


Import using layout 1 or 2

Click on the "Type of Excel layout" to find the correct layout for the Escel import file.



After importing match schedule

  1. Enter menu "Schedule" and adjust match start time if necessary.
  2. NOTE: Before you make an xml-file, it might be necessary to assign a correct team external ID (based on the customers demand) AND competition ID. See further below.



Assign team external ID

  1. Enter team external ID as shown.


Assign team numbers

All teams must have a uniqe number starting from 1. This number shall be set in column "Sort index".



Assign competition ID

  1. Set competitionID as shown



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