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A league play can easily be made in TXO. A league play is typical a long running tournament where the team leaders are responsible for match date, time and venue.

Follow these steps

  1. Change settings to "Use matches unscheduled". Click for explanation.
  2. Make matches (because of settings they will be unscheduled). Click for explanation.
  3. Publish your schedule. Click for explanation.
  4. In the public schedule view (app), matches will show without time and venue. Click for explanation.
    This is because team leaders shall set time and venue for their matches.
  5. In the admin site, decide if team leaders shall register results on their own matches. Click for explanation.
    This is preferable for some tournaments where the teams are responsible for their matches.
  6. Enter when matches shall be played as a comment
    1. Make a filter on round
    2. Check on all matchs in that round
    3. Click "Set match note"
    Enter note typical "During week 4" and save this note. Continue with the other rounds.

How can team leders find their matches?

When a team leder log into Profixio, he or she just click on "My Profixio" and then click on the button "Update matches". A table with all matches will show up. Se image below.

The team leder shal now enter date, time, venue and eventually a comment for the match. At the end save by click Enter or the symbol "Save".

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