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Profixio offers two types of ecomomy modules; Basic and Complete. Prices and more can be found at the bottom of this site. Using module "Complete", makes it very easy for you to organize fee for registration and/or services. Profixio is using cooperator PING Services in order to handle all transactions. The solution which we are using form PING Services, is called "PING Payments".

Using this module, all invoices are made by the system including KID number. There is no need for you as the organisator, to do anything about invoicing.

Getting started

There are two actions which must be fulfilled in order to use module "Complete:

  • The person which has adminstrative rights for the club (which is responsible for the tournament), must sign an agreement coming from PING Services. This agreement is simple and is mostly to ensure that account number and person signing, are correct.
  • Inside Profixio, select to use "Ping Payments".

How is the money transferred?

When a team leder registrate the team, an invoice will be made ready. When the team leader choose to download the invoice, this invoice become an official document.

  • The payment from team leder is made to an account owned by PING Services.

How to transfer money from PING to your tournament account

  • You, as the tournement owner, can whenever decide to transfer money from PING to your tournament account.
  • Why must tournament owner ask for transfer? The reason is there are a small cost to transfer money (about 5NOK) and if there are periods with no transactions, there are no need to transfer anything. In addition: If a refund must be made, at least the refund amount of money must exists in the account within PING.
  • Click as shown to transfer money to your club account (bubble 1 and then 2).

How to make a refund to a team?

A refund to a team can only be done by the system if money is NOT transferred from PING to the tournament owner.

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