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Playoff matches can be edited after they are made. All functions are found as shown here:

Add preceding matches for selected match(es)

  1. Select match(es) you want to add preceding matches for.
  2. Enter menu as shown
  3. If you select to semi-finals (as here), you will got 4 quarter finals.

Add match for match losers from two selected matches

  1. Select exactly two matches
  2. Enter menu as shown
  3. The resulting match is seen in the table

Add preceding home or away team for a match

Example: You have a 1/4-final and you want the away team to come from winner of the first 1/8-final.

  1. Find the id-number of the 1/8 final (here 4535)
  2. Click on menu item as shown
  3. Enter id-number and position and click "Save"

Remove selected team from this playoff

Removing a team from a playoff, is not the same as deleting the team!  The team will still be available for later use in the playoff, if necessary. NOTE: In order to update APP, this playoff must be published!

  1. This is the match with team which shall be removed. In fact,  you do not need to select this row.
  2. Select the team to remove from the menu as shown and drop-down.
    NOTE: A team can show up several times; One for each league level they play in. You must select the team with identical league level as the team in the match row!
    The removed team will now be deleted from the playoff match.
  3. The opposite team will be moved to further up in the playoff in the same manner as they have been if they had wun the match against the removed team (->Winner 1/16-7)
  4. The match with no teams (here 1/16-7) will be removed.
What happens to venue and responsible team?

Consider the picture below where "Kungsholmen" is removed from match 1/16-1. Then team "Fryshuset" will be moved to match 1/8-8 as the home team. 

  1. Venue will not change (match is probably already scheduled)
  2. Home team set to be Responsible team


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Delete selected playoff match(es)

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