Change matches from public site


A match can be changed from the public site (APP). Match date/time, venue, referee, results, comments...a lot of data can be changed. Some of these changes will be fetched into Profixio League (PL):

  • Match date / time
  • Venue
  • Result

How to change

Depending on credential, a user can change a match by click on button "Edit match". From the popup several data can be changed, as shown here. Remember to save at the end!


Update match data in PL

Every time a user enter menu "Schedule", PL will check if matches are changed. Changed matches will be saved in PL and thereby show up in all grids. 

Example: Profixio League shows wrong match time, but APP is correct

If PL shows wrong match time, but APP is correct, just open the match in APP and click "Save", see bubble 1). Then, no more actions is necessary. Next time you enter window "Schedule" in PL, PL is  fetching match time (and also venue) from APP and will show correct in PL.

How is this really working?

Each time a match is changed in APP, a timestamp is updated for this match in APP database. When opening window "Schedule" in PL, PL is checking if matches has a new timestamp for active tournament. If matches exists, match time and venue is updated in PL. When this control is done, PL will save its own timestamp when downloading match data from APP is finished. Next time someone enter  "Schedule", only matches changed after PL internal timestamp will be checked. This is done to avoid too many matches to check every time someone is opening window "Schedule".

How to check change log?

Enter tab "Action log". This grid will show all changes done.






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