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Unlimited number of services can be offered through your tournament site. All team leaders can order services and of course get a payment link / invoice. Services can

  • be date limited
  • be splitted into subs (for example T-shirt sizes)
  • give discount on registration fee
  • be offered in a limited number

Enter menu "Settings" -> "Services"

  1. A brief summary showing most important data
  2. Button to create a new service
  3. Button to set a limit for last date to order services
  4. Edit button to edit a service.
    NOTE: As you can see, it is also possible to make the service unpublished!

New / edit a service - Basic data

  1. The description is shown everywhere the service is avalible for the team leader to order.
  2. The price to pay for this service.
  3. Enter a detailed comment for this service, so team leaders know exactly what it includes.
  4. A mandatory service MUST be ordered before the team has a valid registration. Be aware of this and ensure that this is really what you want!
  5. "Valid from" is the date which this service is availible.
  6. "Valid to" is the date this service is avalible to. Just set this date to be yesterday, if you do not want to offer this service anymore.

New / edit a service - More advanced data

  1. Often, T-shirts are offered in different size. If so, use this Split function. Just enter the sizes separated with a semicolon, typical XL;L;S.
  2. The visible order you want this service to be at. Enter 1 to ensure this is the first service showing to the team leaders.

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