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A category can be set to hide or show ranking tables. For the young ones, ranking tables are often hidden. But if you are logged inn as admin, ranking tables will ALWAYS show up if there are results registered in a category!

Ranking tables are by the system set to be hidden if the players are below age of X, where X varies from country and organisation. This can be overruled, as seen in bubble 4 below.

Example of ranking table view

NOTE: Ranking tables are only shown if there are at least one results registered in a group!

  1. Showing teams with columns based on settings from (4)
  2. Click "Table explanation" to show which criteria the teams are ranked upon
  3. If three or more teams have equal points, click to see how the calculation among these teams are done
  4. IMPORTANT: Enter button "Edit category" to select another table criteria and eventually another table view.

Table criteria to choose among

Swedish beach/volleyball - Ranking criteria ID

Norwegian beach/volleyball - Ranking criteria ID

Ranking view ID 


In general - Norwegian tables


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