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An organisation admin and region admin can assign whatever person to get credentials in order to assign referee on matches in certain leagues.

Limits: For now, a person can only have one credential in a league. So if a league consists of many levels, the top credential will be set on all levels.

Referee roles availible
  1. Credential Referee - All roles availible (bubble 1,2 and 3)
  2. Secretary referee - Roles bubble 2 and 3 availible

Assigning a person

  1. Select which region to select leagues from. Depending on credential, only certain regions are shown.
    NOTE: If organisation admin, all organisation leagues are also shown.
  2. Check on the leagues you want to administrate.
  3. Check on type of credentials.
  4. Enter email address for the person which shall be give credentials to assign match referees.
  5. If the person existst within Profixio, the name will occur. If not, you must enter first and last name (ex: Jon Christer Dove).
    Then click on the save button.
  6. After entered email address, all credentials are shown in this list.

Logged in as assigned person

  1. When a person log into Profixio, and this person only have credentials to assign referees, all menu buttons will be disabled except the menu "Referee".
  2. Availible leagues are found by click on the button "Make match filter"
  3. Then, all matches in selected filter are shown in this list. Activate a role by click in the column, select a match....
  4. ...and click on the referee name. Now the referee will be assigne to this match and selected role.

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