Tell me about Profixio CUP - I know nothing about it!

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What do I start with?

First create the registration page for the tournament.

All tournaments must have a registration page. This is where the teams register, receive an invoice and possibly order services.

But what if I have a small tournament, typically a friend tournament?

Registration page MUST be created even if you only have a small friends tournament. You can optionally enter the teams yourself and possibly use yourself as the contact person for all teams.

Do I need an existing license to create a tournament?

No. One of the steps in creating a tournament is to register your club (that is get a licence). License is free.

What does it cost to use Profixio?

Due to the large volume of tournaments, we can keep the prices very low. In fact, the lowest in the market! Click here for prices.

After this, you just have to wait for the teams to sign up :-).

You can create a tournament in 5-10 minutes and preferably straight away! Click here!

How do I create the actual match setup?

We have a solution (actually a website) called TXO, where you create match schedules when the time comes. It is not appropriate to start with the match schedule itself before all the teams are registered, but some basic data can be entered. Typical are match lengths for categories, venues and assigning venues to categories.

What if I'm stuck?

Just send us an email to post at!



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