TXO startup window

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Most important things to know

  • All your tournaments which you have access to, will show up in this first page. 
  • You can not delete a tournament in this page. You have to log in as administrator (www.profixio.com/reg) and make it inactive from there.
  • You can not make a tournament from here. This must be done from the site www.profixio.com/app.
  • It is not possible to add registration data from TXO. This must be done from the main admin site. We recommend to let the team leaders do their own changes.
  • You have access to all your tournament links from this site. Open the panel at the bottom of this site and click on a tournament. 

Window explanation

  1. All tournaments which you have access to, are listed in this grid. Just activate the correct one.
  2. Only upcoming tournaments are shown in the grid. You can show all historical tournaments by click on "Show all tournaments"
  3. Watch this video to getting started. This video shows the basics!
  4. As for all such types of grids, you can export the data to both PDF and Excel.
  5. Complete documentation is found on the help site
  6. This area will show som important stuff from those who are programming this system.


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