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Self-contained presentation of matches is a website where you can present matches for the various groups with tables, last played matches and upcoming matches. Enter your own scrolling text and sponsor/collaborators. This is suitable for use where participants gather, typically the cafeteria and of course on the big screen in the hall. There is no additional cost for using that service.

To be able to use the self-paced presentation of the match schedule, you need:

  • Computer with Internet
  • Screen
  • Cable or wireless receiver to connect the computer and the monitor
  • Link to a self-paced presentation of the match schedule
Step 1. Computer

First of all, you must have a computer or other device with an Internet connection. The reason why you must have access to the Internet is that the screen display is a website. This website retrieves data from the tournament and updates itself automatically with, among other things, changes in set-up, results, tables and times for upcoming matches. If you lose the Internet connection, the screen display will continue, but the website will not be able to retrieve the latest changes in your tournament.

Step 2. Screen

There are many choices of screen, e.g. computer screen, laptop, large screen, etc. You can use several screens. The only requirement is that you computer must be able to connect to the screen. There are various ways you can connect to the screen, by cable or wireless receivers such as Chromecast and Apple TV. The advantage of using wireless receivers is that the computer does not have to be in the same room. But you must be connected to the same network. Make sure that what you see on the computer is displayed on the screen.

Step 3. Start viewing!

You can find the link on the tournament's results registration page. Press or copy the link to get to the self-paced presentation of the match schedule.

Here is an example of a link where 30470 is the tournament ID as seen in TXO:


You can read more about the use of settings here.

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