Publish team (no matches)

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Teams can be published to APP without having any matches. Teams will show up like this: Click to see image example.

It is possible to remove teams from APP if wanted. Teams which are vacant, soft deleted and/or not assigned a group, will not be published and in addition they will be deleted from APP.

Publish teams

Enter menu "Basic data" - "Teams registered in league".

  1. Only teams assigned a group will be published.
  2. Click on button as shown to publish.
  3. ..and click on button as shown to unpublish (see below)

Unpublish teams

NOTE: It is NOT possible to unpublish teams if matches exists for category in APP!

When unpublish teams, the category, group, clubs and teams are deleted from APP. That is, no registration data is deleted. Only data which influence on the matchs schedule.

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