Make a new match

Most important things to know

  • We recommend to make matches by the button "Make matches". But if you want extra matches or want to decide by your self who shall meet eachother, you can by manual make matches.
  • You can make new matches with teams from different groups and even from different categories.
  • When you make a new match by manual, it will be positioned on the temp field. You must later drag it to the correct position.

Make a new match

  1. Start from menu as shown. Select category...
  2. ...and group. This match will be placed in the selected category and group.
  3. Select home team (this must exists in the selected category and group).
  4. Select away team. This can be selected from whatever category and group. But remember; The match will anyway be placed in group selected in (2).
  5. If you want to select the away team amoung all teams, undepending of category, check this box.
  6. If the teams are in the same group, you can switch if they shall be home or away teams. If they are NOT in the same group, you must select the tems correctly in (3) and (4).
  7. Click to save this match. The match will be positioned in the temp field.


Edit existing match / change match length

This is almost the same popup as the "Make new match"-popup. 

  1. Right click on the match. and select "Change"
  2. Select the teams you want to change
  3. You can also change the match length here.
  4. Remember to save!






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