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A team leader can delete team which he or she owns. If you enter "My Profixio" and do not find your team inside, you do not have ownership for the team!

How to delete a team

  • Log in and enter "My Profixio"
  • Find your team in the tournament card and click on it.
  • Click on the big button "Change team". After this popup is opened, you will find a button "Delete" at the bottom.

Must a team pay if a team is deleted?

This is not for the Profixio CUP system to decide.

Call the tournament owner and ask what criteria they have in the tournament rules.

NOTES for the tournament adminstrator

A team is technical not "Deleted", just flagged as deleted. Therefor, data for the team can be fetched whenever it is necessary.

This is how to show "deleted" teams:

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