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A category can be set to eighter put all teams on hold, or set teams on hold if number of teams exceed the number you have set.

NOTE: If just one team are on hold in a category, ALL other teams register in that category are also put on hold! This is why it is important to move teams fra wait list to sharp list as soon you know the team shall be on not hold.

What are the consequences for a team which are put on hold?

  • When register, the category card will inform that teams are now put on hold.
  • A team register, and is put on hold, get an email telling this team is set on hold. This email is automatic from system.
    Opposite: When a team is put from hold to sharp, an email is also sent to the team leaders.
  • A team on hold will NOT be imported into the match scheduling system (Profixio TXO).
  • A team on hold, will not be able to pay registration fee.
  • If one team is on hold, EVERY other teams registering in that category, will be put on hold!

Wait list parameters

All data (parameters) are set within menu "Settings" - "Categories" after logged in as admin (https://www.profixio.com/app)

  1. "Wait list". If you want all new registered teams to be set on the wait list. This column overrule all other data of wait list.
  2. "Max num of teams": This is the column you set a number of teams which can register before set on hold. If you enter 10, team register as number 11 is set on hold.
  3. Number of teams which are on hold. This is just for info!
  4. Number of valid teams register in category. Deleted, on hold or not completed teams, are not counted.

Moving teams to and from wait list

A team can be set on hold or put in sharp using dropdown shon in the team tab. See image below.

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