Assigning referees - Make a match filter!


The active league has nothing to say when assigning referees. Instead, you have to make a match filter based on league, venues or regions (or a combo of these). NOTE: Only matches in leagues which you have credential to, will show up.

Assigning referees

NOTE: It is absolutely necessary to make a filter of matches before you can assign referees!

  1. Click on this button to open a popup. See "Make a filter" below.
  2. If you allready have a filter, the filter can be activated from this dropdown. All filters which have a name, will show up in this dropdown. Filter can be deleted by click on the red (x).
  3. If you want to restrict matches based on start and/or end date, just enter dates here.
  4. If you want to get certain matches, enter match id here. For several matches, use comma between. Ex 32456,32457,43221.
  5. NOTE: You must activate filter/dates by click on this button.
Make a filter
  1. Select among all regions for this organisation and season
  2. Select among venues for this organisation and season
    NOTE: An effective way to get matches is to select all venues in your region!
  3. Select among leagues for this organisation and season
  4. Enter a name of the filter if you want to use it several times. If no name is set, the filter will only last as long you do not make a new one. Such a no-name filter will be named "Temporary".
  5. Click on this button to activate the filter and thereby load the matches.
  6. Check on "Use additiv selection" if you want to fetch matches from selections added to each other
  7. Your selection(s) are shown in this memo boxes

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