Referee pair

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Two referees can be put together and act like a referee pair, assigned to match(es). A referee can be included in several referee pair.


  • It is not possible to edit a referee pair.
  • A referee pair can be deleted even if they are used in match(es). The referee set on matches will not be influenced anyway.

Make referee pair

Enter menu "Referee" - "Referees availible"

  1. Select two referees from this list...
  2. ...and click "Save referee pair"
  3. This pair is shown in this list.
  4. Click "Delete" to delete a pair.

Save pair on a match

The first referee in a pair will be assigned the first referee column

  1. Select one or several match(es) and select one of the referee columns
  2. Click on the expanding arrow and check on the referee pair you want to use
  3. Save this pair to the match.

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