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It is possible to delete a team in several way.

NOTE: It is not possible to delete a team which have matches. If so, delete matches first. Except: See bubble 5.

Delete team

  1. Select the team you want to delete.
  2. Enter a date limit if the teams history shall remain in APP. More info here.
    Clear this date if not the history shall be considered.
  3. "Soft delete selected team":
    - The team will be deleted in APP.
    - The team will be replaced with a vacant team in PL, included matches.
    - If this deleted team is set as responsible on match, the responsible team is removed after deleting.
  4. Click here to un-delete selected team.
  5. If you want to delete a team permanent, you must first click "Remove selected team from group". If selected team has matches, the matches will be deleted in PL! NOTE: If team is a vacant team, the team will be deleted. If not, you must click on button (6) to in fact delete the team.
  6. When the team does not belong to a group, you can delete the team!

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