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When a league is set to have a registered site,  made by "Create registration site", it is possible to choose not to include levels. For example in Basket Sweden, "Basketettan Herr" has no levels. Then, it is only possible to register to this league (and no levels in this league).

BUT: In PL it is possible to divide a league into levels, for example "Basketettan Herr North" and "Basketettan Herr South". It is possible to choose if this new level shall be possible to register new team into or only for making a schedule.

Adding a new level

  1. In order to add a new level, you must enter the button "Click to add a new level for this league". Then, a new window (form) will show up.
  2. Enter name of this level. It must be different from existing levels! This name is shown everywhere.
  3. Enter default match length
  4. If this level shall show in the registering site, select "Include in register site."
    If this level shall also be used in the match schedule, select "Include in public matches".
  5. If teams shall be duplicated, select this checkbox.
    Typical scenario: Teams are first playing in level "South". Later in the season, all teams shall play a playoff. Then you must select to duplicate teams, because they shall participate in different levels. NOTE: One team (with its unique ID), can only participate in one level. When a team is duplicated, the duplicate team will have a new unique ID.
  6. Select which type of play you want for this league. NOTE: It is not necessary to choose play type if you have only selected "Include in register site."
  7. Click on button to save this new level. Now the page is reloading, showing a new level and a new row in the levels table.

Adding teams to new level

After a level is made, you must define which level the teams shall play in. It is necessary to assign both the correct level and the correct group to the teams which shall be included in this new level. Enter as image below shows.


More about adding a level

When register a team, it is possible to selct among levels which registration date is not expired. As an example; "Basketligaen Special" (1) was made as a registration level.  Adding a new level will make this level to show up in the category reg detail popup. See (2).



Edit level

NOTE: Admin of leagues will always see all levels open and active for registration. The reason for this is to have the possibility to add teams in inactive levels.

  1. Enter button "New" to make a new row in this table
  2. Enter "Level" = X where X = ordering number of level
  3. Enter name of the level. This will show up in the registration site in APP
  4. Columns to edit playlength data
  5. "Reg limit": Enter a date to limit when regsitration can be made for a level.
    NOTE: Admin of league can always register teams no matter this date.
  6. "Hide matches": Turn this of if matches shall be hidden from the public view. Team owners can still see the matches, adn of course league admins.
  7. "Can move matches": Set a date in the future if team owners can ask for match moving (time or field). The opposite team must react on this proposal. The league owner must apporve the change for leagues which are set to be "must apporoved". Other leagues will change the match if both team owners agree.
  8. "Inactive": Turn this on if the level shall not be visible at all in the APP. No data will be transfermed from TXO to APP.
  9. "Teams copied": Read-only to inform if teams are copied from one level to this level. Mostly used in poolplay and in playoff.
  10. "Is master": If set to on, this is the master level from which teams are copied from.

Example of different actions

Situation: PU14 Stockholm basket season 22/23
A. Change name on level and close registration
  1. Enter new name of level
  2. Clear column "Reg limit" or set date to before today. This will close the registration choice for this level.
  3. Remember to save!

Result of this action on the public reg site:

B. Get team from another level
  1. Change level from the tab "Teams registered in league" (just select from dropdown)
  2. Remember to save!

Result of this action: The summary of teams are changed in the level list:

C. Make new level: "Level 3B" - Make register site for this level
  1. Enter button "New"
  2. Set correct level (should be in order so this one is set to 4)
  3. Enter name...
  4. ...and playing length data
  5. Remember to save!
  6. In order to make this level availible in APP for registration, activate this level (if not done allready)
  7. Then, use this button to make the reg site!










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