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We log in as usual into My Profixio. From there, we start Profixio League (in short PL). After logged in, the system knows your credentials and will present all leagues which you have access to. In this video, we will show PL used by the Swedish basketball federation (SBBF). In order to reduce some presentation time for this video, we just jump over the process of making the registration site for the leagues. 

We activate the leagues made by the Stockholm Basket federation. All leagues have finished the registration of the teams. All registration fees, invoices etc, are handled by the registration module.

OK, let us activate a league. As seen, this league consists of just som few teams. We want to divide this league into two league levels: North and South. Note: The registration site shall be as it is. As you see, it is not possible to register into these new league levels, but the matches will show up in these levels.

In Profixio League, there are several possibilities to make a match schedule. You can choose ordinary round robin, using play keys or set the league level to be a playoff.

For now, we show how to use round robin. First, we have to set some basic data as weeks to play, preferred days, time to play and venues. To simplify, we check on some weeks and set first priority day to be saturday and second priority day to be sunday. Then, we must choose which teams to be in the levels we have made. It is no problem to assign new teams later, or switch teams between levels. Next is to assign venues to the teams. The scheduling algorithms in PL preferres to use priority venues. If priority venue is set to be unavailible, can be taken by another match or closed beacuse of another happening, PL uses the non-priority venues. The venues are fetched from a central database, which makes it possible to know if a venue is taken by another league or another sport. The module in Profixio League which handle venues, is quite complex and give you as an administrator a lot if information. In fact, handling venues are explained in it is own video! The last data to enter, is found in tab "Rounds initial setup". We enter number of rounds and assign each round to be played within a week number. As you see, the play times uses this league legal week days.

Now we enter the most sofisticated part of PL scheduling system. We can customize a lot of requests regarding how to play this league. Just to mention some few:

  • Set max number of breaks pr team. A break is if a team play two home or away matches after eachother.
  • Derby request: Force team / avoid team to play against eachother in specific rounds
  • Anti teams: Avoid selected team to  both be home team in same round
  • Team request: Force team to play home/away in specific rounds.
  • ...and several more!

We start a schedule based on the requests we have entered. The algorithms used in this module, are  made by mathematicians from norwegian company SINTEF. Depending on complexity of requests, it can takes from few minutes to several hours. In this demo, we have only few teams and only some few requests, so this will only take a short time.

Now we have got a play order based on rounds, but date and time is yet not set on the matches. We save this round based schedule and enter menu "Schedule".

Within this menu we handle functionality about the match schedule. First, we have to make the matches and we enter "Profixio CUP scheduling". During this process, PL will find possible and preferred positions for each match.

All matches are now listed in this table. Some matches are red. These matches do not have a valid time or a valid venue. It is up to the adminsitrator to find avalible position for such matches. A big help is found in the graphical views of the matches. As seen, match can be placed in another position by just dragging  the match. Several visual effects helps to find the most preferrable positions.

When adminstrator is satisyed with positioning the matches, its time to make the schedule publish. Just enter this button and then matches are transferred into the APP solution. Now they are availible for the team leaders, players and all other who is interested in the schedule.











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