Teams are importing from public register site in "APP" every time a user activates a league. If a team is deleted from the register site, the team will be replaced by a vacant team in PL. Only teams active in the selected leaguelevel are shown in this list.

NOTE: It is possible to show all teams no matter of level, using the top button "Show/hide teams from all levels".

  1. Index of team used in playkeys.
  2. Name of the team (number of matches in parenthesis).
  3. If team is registered in APP, this checkbox will be green.
  4. The priority venue for the team. A team can play on several venues, but one venue should be the pri venue.
  5. Level this team is placed into. A team can be copied to participate in several levels.
  6. The group assigned to the team. A level can consts of several groups.
  7. If team is soft-deleted. A soft-deleted team will show up in this list which makes it possible to undelete the team.
  8. If the team is a vacant team.
  9. 10. 11. Just id of the team. Mostly used by support personell.

Team indexes used in play key

If the leaguelevel is using playkey, the teams must be indexed so they fit into the playkey list. This is done by positioning teams as shown in yellow.


Deleting teams

1. Delete teams using date limit


Changing league level for a team

First time a team is downloaded from registering site, the team will be saved into its correct leaguelevel. Next time when teams are downloaded, teams will NOT change their leaguelevel. So if a team is moved from one level to another inside PL, the registering data will have no effect.

Deleting team from register site ("APP")

 Vacant team

See article "Vacant team"

Switch teams

A team can be switched with another team  or with a vacant team. The major reason to switch team, and not deleting team, is to keep the match schedule correct and unchanged. The schedule will of course have changes because of team changed, but the matches it selves are not removed.

Switch a registered team with a vacant team

Use function shown in bubble 9; "Switch team with a vacant team". Select the team to remove and click the button.

  • A new vacant team will be added to the league level and named "VacantX" where X is a number between 1 and 100.
  • The team which is going out, will be marked as soft delete and is still showing in the list of teams.
  • All matches with the team out will switch to have the vacant team instead,
  • The match schedule will recalculate, and affected matches with home team as vacant will be set as red and without a venue.
  • Matches affected with home team NOT vacant will get venue for the home team.
  • Matches affected with home team NOT vacant will get responsible team as the home team
  • Matches affected with home team vacant will have responsible team set to zero. 

Add a registered team to a league level

You can add a registered team to whatever level you want. If the team got matches the team will be duplicated in order to not destroy the matches.

  1. First; add a vacant team to the league level you want to add a new team
  2. Select this vacant team (check on)
  3. Select the team you want to add. If the same team is showing several times because it participate in different levels all ready, it does not matter! Just select one of them.
  4. At last, click "Switch this team".

Duplicate team

A team can be duplicated. This is often done if a team shall play in continous playoffs. Duplicated team will get correct league identity, but no level and group. Level and group must be chosen in order to use such teams later!

Enter menu "Teams registred in league".

  1. Select team(s) you want to duplicate and click "Duplicate team".

The duplicate team(s) will show up in the grid (table) without level and group.


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