Special play system - Skilled based round two

Most important stuff

  • Using a play key called "FourSet", activate a special type of play system where round two is depending of results from round one. Winner meets winner, loser meets loser,.
  • With "FourSet" play key, the number of teams in a group MUST be 4.
  • Round number 1 is running as default, but round number 2 is based on results from round number 1.
  • When register results on the web, teams in round number 2 will be filled in.
  • Playoff can be made as usual after group play.

TXO settings using FourSet playing method

  • First of all, activate use of seeding. Without parameter "Use Seeding" turned on, this playing type will not work.


  •  And last, select play key "FourSet" from column "Play key". No you can make your match schedule as usual




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