Change match length

Most important things to know

  1. Match length can be change for all matches in a category or for just selected matches
  2. Be aware that collisions can be made when changing match length.
  3. Often, you must do some manual moving of matches after changing match length
  4. After changing match length, you can compress the matches

Change match length on selected matches (one or several)

  1. Click on the match (CTRL+click if you want to select several) and the right click on one of them
  2. Select "Change" from the right click menu
  3. Enter new match length and click "Save match length".


As you can see, the selected matches has got a new match length.

Compress matches

  1. Choose matches which shall be collapsed (or expanded if the new match length is longer).
    TIP: You can choose a bunch of matches by pressing the SHIFT-key and use your mouse to drag a rectangle over the matches.
  2. Select "Collapse"
  3. As you can see after collaps, all matches are now moved nearby eachother.


Change match length for a whole category





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