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  • As default, groups will get the letter as the group name. Group number 1 will be named A and so on.
  • Group name can be changed to just a number or to a custom name, which can be a sponsor name or whatever.

Changing group name

Enter menu "Basic data" and then the tab "Teams divided into groups". Select a category and enter button "Custom group data"

  1. Expand the category row to show the groups
  2. Group number is read-only and is the technical number of the group
  3. Group name is read-only and shows the letter of the technical number
  4. Display name is how the group name will show up based on your choices
  5. Custom name can be change by you, to whatever name. NOTE: This will override all other settings and must be set as empty if you want to use only number or letter.
  6. Here you can choose to use number or letter for groups. This will influence all groups in the whole tournament.
    NOTE: Custom name must be empty or the custom name will override all other settings.

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