Split match variant


Tripleball is a typical split match variant. Tripleball defines one match split into three matches. Each with different sport and with different calculation factors.


  • When scheduling, only the master match is scheduled with total match length. The master match is scheduled exact as other matches which are not included in split matches.
    If each child match shall have playtime of 15min, the master match must be set to 45.
  • The sort order of fields is important bacause the matches MUST follow that order.

Preparations in TXO

  1. In settings, check on "Split matches (tripleball)"
  2. Open the popup "Split matches" and enter values as described:


  • If deleting all matches in the schedule, all child split matches are deleted and parent matches are reset (match end, SplitMatchParentOid = 0)
  • When split a match the parent match gets SplitMatchParentOid = -1. The child matches get SplitMatchParentOid= parentmatch.oid




  • All calculations of tables are done on the public web site
  • Table "kamp" includes "goal_factor" which is set from TXO
  • In TXO table FieldsToPlay includes "goalfactor"



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