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If a playoff is scheduled, and you want to add match(es), use menu "Add one more playoff match". It is possible to add several matches, but only one at the time! And when a match is added, some manual actions are necessary to decide who to participate. NOTE: A "playoff match" can not be seen directly in the schedule. A playoff match is just a match representing the playoff tree. See last heading at this page, how to make a "real" match from the playoff match.

Adding a playoff match

  • Let's say you have 8 teams in your playoff, and want to add two teams. Then you must add one more playoff match.
  • Enter menu "Add one more playoff match" to add one more match

Adjusting data in the new playoff match

A new row will appear in the grid. Now you must by manual adjusting the playoff.

  1. Enter the home team and...
  2. ...enter the away team in the usual way
  3. Enter the start time of this match. When these three actions are done, it is possible to make a match.

Adjusting the preceding match data

  1. Enter menu "Show advanced playoff matches preceding"
  2. Select the row which you must change to get the tree correct
  3. Enter home team data...
  4. ...and/or away team data for this preceding match.

Make a match from this playoff match

Select the playoff match, and then click on button "Make schedule".

NOTE: When you select one or more playoff match(es), existing matches will NOT be deleted or changed.


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