Matches need to be published


Each match has one column for "Changed time" and one column for "Published time". When a match is changed within its date, time, teams, venue, responsible team, the "Changed" is set to the actual time this is done.  When a match is published, the "Published time" is set. From this, we know that matches which have the "Changed time" bigger than the "Published time", must be published.

Example of a grid/table showing these two columns:


What if the match is changed in APP?

When entering menu "Schedule", all changes of matches are dowloaded into PL based on the active league (tournament).

  1. The venue was set to be "Edeborgshallern"
  2. The venue is changed in APP to be "Ebohallen"
  3. After entering menu "Schedule", the match in PL has changed venue to be equal whats in APP


How to know if a match must be published?

In all grids in "Schedule",  the column "Match start" is having a bold font if the match is published (that is, this match is equal in PL and in APP)

This grid shows all matches which are not published (they differ in PL and APP). Often, a match is changed in PL and not published. All such matches will show up in this grid.

Red bubbles are data in PL and bubbles with a blue border is data in APP

Bubbles with green border shows columns with "Changed time" and "Published time". In this table, Changed time will always be greater than Published time.

Save new venue for a match

Note: This new venue is NOT published by automatic. The match will be set to "Unpublished".

  1. Enter match row.
  2. Select new venue and..
  3. "Save"-button.


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