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Venus can only be assigned to teams in the tab "Teams and venues". A team can have several venues, but only one "Priority" venue. Venues are fetched from the solution Profixio FX, where venue data are set by the region administrators. Venues which are in the team list, will be used in the scheduling if priority venue is not availible..

All teams within a leaguelevel are shown, no matter of which group the teams are assigned to.

Venue data - Defined in Profixio FX


Assigning venues to team

  1. Select a team
  2. All possible venues for selected teams club, are shown in this list. Select one or several venues to assign to selected team. Select and then click on button (4). Selected venues are venues used by PL scheduling algorithm. Venues which are not selected, will be possible to select by manual in match
  3. Check on the top check box " Show all venues for this organisation" to choose among all possible venues! Otherwise as said, only the teams club venues are shown. 
    NOTE: Make a filter on region to show only specific venues.
  4. Assign selected venue(s) to selected team
  5. Selected venues will show up in the list of team venues. Only venues in this list will be used in scheduling.
  6. A team can have one priority venue. This venue is used in match schedule if availible and not restricted (this is the venue of first priority).
  7. The priority venue is shown for each team. Venues which are not official, are shown with a marker i front (example "- Täby").
  8. Number of assigned venues is shown here
  9. See chapter below image.

Reload venues from FX

If a team has got too many, or too few, venues, just click this button to reload venues from FX. No damage is done to the match schedule, if this exists. Venues are downloaded from FX, and assigned to teams. If teams got temp venues, and they are not in used in the match schedule, these temp venues will be deleted. NOTE: If you have customized the venue list for teams, this list will be reset and teams will have all their venues in this list!


Venues actually saved in PL

Venues used in an organisation, are saved in Profixio FX. PL do not save all this venues. PL only save venues which are set to be venues used in scheduling algoritm.

  1. Venues saved in PL are shown with a checked checkbox
  2. Venues unchecked are fetched from Profixio FX and can be chosen to be used in scheduling algoritms.

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