Venues setup

Venues superior

In FX, venues are listed in a table shown for ALL organisations inside a country. So, administrators for both Basket and Bandy and all others, will see the same view of all venues registred (country based). All administrators can add and edit venues.  It is also possible to delete a venue if no data is connected (typically this is used a venue is saved complete wrongly). 

Venue areas

Each venue can be set to have X areas. Lets make one example!

  • Wembley is defined as one venue. The region which is most known with Wembley, enter 3 areas (bubble 3).  Why 3 areas? Well, it is assumed that at least 1/3 will be used if a match shall be played. This will not be optimal, because matches for leagues with very young players perhaps only take 1/6 of the venue.
    NOTE: Do NOT divide the venue into too many areas. It will be too complex to handle.

Venue areas and clubs

As a one-time-setting, a club must define its home venue(s). It will make it easier when scheduling the league, if all clubs have their home venues assigned. NOTE: For each league, the clubs home venue(s) can be changed by the league scheduler!


Paragraphs are referring to the image below.

  1. Every organisations and region adminstrators can add new venues and edit existing (address and so on). Use the + sign to add.
  2. Each venue must be connected to a region. All clubs in this region will then be able to define the venue as its home venue.
  3. Each venue can have 1 to X number of areas. NOTE: Do NOT define too many areas. 1 to 3 are often enough.
  4. After selecting one row in the venue table,  all clubs for the active region are shown in this table (bubble 4).
  5. Enter 1 to X number of areas to be used for selected venue in most cases. If the venue is set to have 3 areas, and the club is set to use 3 venue areas, the whole venue will be used. No other matches can then be played in this venue at the same time. 

REMEMBER: This is only the default settings! Each league can have it own settings.


Assign home venues to a club

Each club must have assign a home venue. If a home venue do not exists, it will be made a venue named "Field ClubName".


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