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The league level settings tab is where you activate the league level. A league can be divided into one or several league levels. In example, M19 can be divided into M19 North and M19 South. North and South will also become league levels, just as M19. When a team is registered,  the team will register in its league level. The administrator of the league can whenever divide teams into groups which are used in match scheduling.

NOTE: This article describes when to make a new level or not.

  1. This is your league level(s) which teams can register into! They are in blue color. Each league level is shown with data about matches and status, shown with capslock.
  2. Expand the group panel in order to add new, or edit existing, group. NOTE: Groups are ONLY used in match scheduling and NOT in the registering site!
  3. This is your league level(s) which CAN NOT be registered into and are only used in match scheduling. They are in black color. Each league level is shown with data  about matches and status for shown with capslock.
  4. Enter the button as shown to add one more level.
    Each league can be divided to several league levels. You can whenever change the level name. NOTE: When the registration site for the league is made, the number of levels will be set. Click to see an image of this.
  5. Showing all levels for active league. Details about data are found further down in this article.
  6. You can delete a level. If matches exists, the matches must be deleted first. It is not possible to delete the last level (one level must always remain). If deleted, the level in APP will also be deleted. Finally, the teams will be removed from this level, but teams are NOT deleted from register site.
  7. If a group belong to wrong league level, this can be changed here. All teams and matches are moved to correct level.

League level names and ordering

When you enter name of the league levels, they will show up in the public web match site (APP) as this;



Ordering of levels is to be set in column "Ordering":


League level settings for correct license cost

A team can be registered into one level, in ex. "Level 1", but play in "Level 2A". The team shall pay license regarding the level they play in. In order to get this correct, the correct level must be set in "league level settings", column "App reg level".

  1. Select the correct level from the drop-down list. Remember to save!

Settings for registration and matches

  1. Decide if league levels shall be open for registration of teams (Reg limit)
    Enter date for last registration date. Enter yesterday, if you want to stop registration to this level.
  2. Decide if matches shall be hidden or shown in public view (Hide matches)
    Turn this on if matches shall be hidden from public view. The match owner and the league admins can see the matches.
  3. Decide if match owner can ask for match moving (Can move matches)
    Enter a date if match owner shall be able to ask for moving their matches. Just league responsible can accept/deny.
  4. If all matches in this league shall have just one, and the same responsible team, select this team here.
  5. If home team club admin shall be allowed to set match time and venue, check on this checkbox.
  6. If (5) is checked on, enter last date for match change.
  7. If this league shall NOT have a schedule, check on this checkbox.

League level top settings

  1. Set the league to be a top level league to influence referee assigning. See doc here.
  2. Use team registration from FX if teams are registered only in FX (and not in APP). Data tables are totally different for these two alternative registration sites.
  3. If you want the possibility to public matches also to FX (example here)
  4. A tournament email address will be saved into the main database and used in APP and FX. This will NOT be used anywhere in PL.
  5. If you do NOT want to use buy and sell matches for referees. See doc here.
  6. If you want referee names in this league shall be anonymous. Only logged in users with correct credentials will see the names of the referees. See doc here.
  7. A referee responsible will get copy of notification email.
  8. Select minimum competence for referees in this league. All referees will show up and can be selected, but you will got a warning if competence is not correct.
  9. Set if league shall use digital match protocol
  10. Enter email address to recipients of dig protocol. Only used in APP.



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