Make a league to use cross pool play

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"Cross pool play" is a special type av pool play. You can eighter use playkeys (most used) or not. If using playkeys, this type of keys must include name "cross". Teams are divided into groups. Each team play against team from the other group or from own group. Using playkeys, the key defines number of series. Most often each team only meet another team once.

Wehen published to APP: All matches are shown inside one single group but one table for each group exists.

Dividing into groups

This schedule shows typical cross matches. Teams within the yellow rectangle are in group A and the other teams in group B. As shown teams from group A do NOT meet each other.

Assign play key

IMPORTANT: Only play key including name "cross" can be used.

  1. Select to use "Cross pool play"
  2. If you want to use a playkey, select the key also.
    NOTE: Do NOT check on "Ordinary pool play"! This will NOT work with cross pool play.
  3. The league-level will include a text saying this is using cross pool play.


Teams must be divided into correct groups and rounds initial setup must be set. That is, PL need to know when the rounds are to be played. After this data is set, enter menu "Schedule" directly. There is no point using menu "Play order" because the play key defines all the matches.


Publishing is done as usual to the APP. A ranking table is shown for each groups, but the matches are all shown in a list (undepended of the groups).

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